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About Ant At Home

Welcome to my shop, Ant At Home. I have been interested in sewing from a young age following in my mom's footsteps ;). At age 11, I was given a Singer, handturn sewing machine for my birthday. When I finished High School, I worked for a magazine editorial company for quite a few years, a far cry from sewing of course. Thereafter I traveled extensively. Two years after the birth of my son, I decided to open a bed and breakfast from home, so alot of planning, building and designing was to follow... For ten years I was running the guesthouse. In 2010 I moved away from my hometown to a small seaside village in Hermanus. I now work from home, enjoying the days and cultivating my imagination with newfound ideas. My passion is Art.. researching it daily and building up my own, unique self-knowledge, of what I find beautiful. The latter gives me great satisfaction, and makes me happy and pushes me forward.. ...As an architect, or artist, would draw or paint, for me, designing clothes is not much different, in that one is able to use the imagination and steely practicality to bring into form something Unique!. ..and thereby, losing myself in the landscape of Imagination! I make and design all the garments by myself, and love the freedom to do so.. From cutting out the pattern, assembling the pieces and finally, stitching them together. I try NOT to waste, therefore I create new outfits with fabric left over from before. In this way, each creation becomes uniquely different, in that "no two garments are ever the same". Much of the fabric is very old, for example Indian silks and cottons, which adds to the timeless feel. These fabrics are also "one of". Therefore, please handle with care when rinsing. To see my customers happy and feeling beautiful wearing my clothing gives me great pleasure. Enjoy browsing..

The summery culottes with ruffled waistline is so comfortable. Pret a porter wear for the beach café… Ooh la la 👣

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